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About Us

About Us


Our mission is to use our specialized knowledge and compassion to provide education, assessment and support that will help aging adults be safe and live their best life in their own homes and communities.


 To make a positive difference in the lives of aging adults and Canadian Veterans who choose to age in place.


Safety – Injury prevention is our priority!

Compassion – Understanding, care & concern for those in need.

Trust – Reliable service and expertise.






Co-founder, RNCare Inc.


As a Registered Nurse (RN) for over 30 years, I have had a lifelong passion for helping those in need. It has long been a professional goal to combine my business education with my nursing experience and my deep-rooted compassion and curiosity about what is important to people. In 2020, I was fortunate to have both the opportunity and great people around me to launch RNCare Inc. – a company rooted in the nursing values of safety, compassion, trust and committed to my own goal of helping others be the best they can be. 

Working towards my goal of providing a service that meets the needs of aging Canadians, in September of 2020 I became the first Senior Home Safety Specialist™ (SHSS) certified in Alberta by Age Safe® Canada. Recently, I was appointed as an Advisory Team Member with Age Safe® America and I am honoured to support this North American organization in their critical work in fall prevention, and in their overall commitment to aging safely and living well. I am also fortunate to work with many valued team members across Alberta who support the mandate of safe, quality lives for others on behalf of RNCare. Together, we look forward to using our knowledge and experience to help the many Albertans who wish to age safely in place, with dignity, in a safe environment and with the highest quality of life possible. 

Stacey Watts, shss

RNCare specialist for Calgary & surrounding areas


Hello! My name is Stacey Watts and I am a certified Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS) for RNCare serving Calgary and surrounding areas. I am so pleased to be the southern Alberta representative for RNCare, an Alberta company that is dedicated to improving quality of life and safe aging in place for seniors and adults of all ages. I am also proud to be only the second person certified in Alberta as a Senior Home Safety Specialist by Age Safe® Canada – a national membership, training and advocacy organization dedicated to meeting the growing need for home safety assessments and aging in place home modifications.

Calgary is where I have lived for over 20 years and raised my family. The majority of my working career has been spent with the City of Calgary and so I know the people in our beautiful city and what is important to them. Calgarians value honesty and we care a great deal about each other and our community. Because of this, when the opportunity came to join a new and progressive Alberta company that values safety, compassion and trust in assisting seniors and adults of all ages who deserve a dignified life, I had to take it. I feel so fortunate to have the specialized knowledge to assist the seniors and adults in my life who are aging in place and I am excited to meet many new people in Calgary and neighboring communities who I can help!


What Our Clients Say About RnCare?

Thank you so much Annj! You really have treated my dad like your own!
Mom and I feel so much more reassured with the changes we made in the home - now we worry less about dad falling and hurting himself.

Lisa S

RNCare Inc.

Lisa S

Thank you so much Annj! You really have treated my dad like your own! Mom and I feel so much more reassured with the changes we made in the home - now we worry less about dad falling and hurting himself.
RNCare Inc.